Annual Outdoor Teak Furniture Sales Event


Affordable Teak and Home Decor, located in Fairfield, CT,  imports fabulous Indonesian teak furniture and sells it directly to the public each Spring  in Fairfield, CT. We have been selling truck loads of  furnishings at the Masonic Temple, 131 Beach Road (off of Post Road near Fairfield Town Hall), for the past 14 seasons, since 2002, and have thousands of satisfied customers.  We purchase and import directly from our manufacturer in Indonesia and we conduct our annual sales only in Fairfield, CT. We do not travel from town to town. Our sale at the Masonic Temple usually runs all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from mid to late April through late May, and sometimes in June. We continue to sell our remaining items in Fairfield until they are completely sold out.

We are now taking pre-orders for our 2016 sale.
If you would like to order something specifically for you which would arrive in April, 2016, write us now through December 15, 2015. After that date you can still pre-order, but you would need to
choose from the selections we have made for 2016.


Though our 2015 at the Masonic Temple is over, we are still selling the remaining items in Fairfield CT. See our Outdoor Catalog page for a list of the items remaining in 2015. Call or write us for pricing, questions or to place an order. We intend to have all the items sold by the end of 2015.


We will be back at the Temple in April and May 2016 with a replenished supply of inventory.


Our furniture is MUCH LOWER IN PRICE, particularly when compared to specialty and patio stores, online sites, and others, thanks to our unique relationship with the manufacturer.


A finite number of items are offered each year. Once an item sells out, that is all there is of that item for the rest of the year. Though we have a variety of furniture, we have a larger supply of some pieces and lesser of others.

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Comments from our customers include:

“We are THRILLED with the dining set we bought from you. It is truly fantastic! So comfortable too!”
“We LOVE the teak that we bought from you!”
“My family and I use our table set all the time and are just thrilled with it.”
“I clean it and oil it and it looks like new.”
“I have been coming to your sale for many years and add to my collection each year.”
“We love it in its natural state and are so glad we bought from you.”
“I didn’t realize how much I was saving at the time I came to your sale. Now that I see the difference, I know I want to buy even more from you!”
“We have found a great way to clean the teak and it is just super!”
“I am amazed at how well my pieces hold up from year to year. We are very happy with what we bought.”
“Make sure you come back next year!”
“We want to place an order with you in November so that we can get exactly what we want!

We offer traditional, classic pieces at a price point that more people can afford. If you check prices elsewhere online and come to the sale to compare, you’ll see that our prices are much less for the same styled piece. Be sure to compare the same dimensions, styling, weight and construction methodology.  Also, a number of our items are custom designed and you will not find them elsewhere.  We are offering products to those who would not normally consider buying teak due to the pricing, to those who simply do not need the fancy, expensive lines or those who just like the natural rustic look and feel of teak but still don’t want to spend a lot getting it.

We do not sell “kits” nor “flat packed” items that have to be assembled and are thus not stable for the long term. Our construction is solidly made at the factory with mortise and tenon joints, brass and steel hardware, and dowels w/screws where needed. Everything is shipped to us fully and completely assembled (except the table tops, which we attach).

If you always wanted to have the look of teakwood in your yard but could never justify the cost, now is your chance to get something you can afford. This is definitely teakwood, not any other wood…Not “teak-like”!

We do everything we can to keep our overhead as low as possible so we can pass the savings on to our customers and, at the same time, make it worthwhile for us to stay in business.

If our customers keep coming back to us, we’ll keep offering our products!

At this point, the number of repeat customers is unreal!!  Our goal is to offer the best products we can get at the lowest price point.